Enhance Any Space with Caring Craftsmanship from Kohler & Granitech

The collaboration between two industry giants, Kohler and GraniTech, is a testament to the transformative power of partnerships. The alliance has not only resulted in exceptional products but has also set a new standard for sustainability in the industry. Kohler, known for its prowess in kitchen and bathroom design, has joined forces with GraniTech, a pioneer in Active Surfaces technology. Our synergistic partnership has brought together Kohler’s design expertise and our innovative technology, resulting in products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. One of the remarkable outcomes of this partnership is the creation of Trend products #1606 and #1607, also referred to as Terra Chiara and Terra di Siena. These products embody the essence of this collaboration – a fusion of design excellence and environmental consciousness. Kohler and GraniTech have managed to incorporate unused materials into these exclusive products, demonstrating their commitment to reducing environmental impact. This sustainable initiative has been widely applauded, establishing Kohler and GraniTech as leaders in eco-friendly practices. But the collaboration does not stop there. Our partnership extends beyond product development to include joint projects like the award-winning project featuring Active Surfaces slabs, and GraniTech ventilated facade. This project, in collaboration with Progetto CMR, showcases the extraordinary potential of combining Kohler’s design sensibility with our technological innovation. The result is a stunning, functional, and sustainable design that has received international recognition. Our collaboration between Kohler and GraniTech is indeed a shining example of how businesses can achieve remarkable success through partnership, innovation, and a shared commitment to sustainability.