Granitech’s Guide to Elegant Kitchen Makeovers: A Journey in Style and Function

Join us on the Granitech Design Series, where we dive deep into the secrets of creating your dream kitchen. In each episode, we explore essential design elements from layouts to luxurious materials and smart appliances, ensuring functionality meets style. Whether you’re planning a full remodel or just looking to refresh your space, Granitech provides expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of kitchen design. Tune in to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece of efficiency and elegance.

About this Podcast

  • Optimal Layouts for Every Home: Discusses the importance of choosing a kitchen layout that maximizes space, suits cooking styles, and enhances lifestyle, highlighting options like U-shaped, L-shaped, and island layouts.
  • Key Considerations in Kitchen Design: Emphasizes the critical elements of kitchen design including layout, storage, appliances, lighting, and materials, aiming for a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • High-End Materials for Luxury Kitchens: Highlights the use of premium materials such as quartzite and quartz countertops, favored for their durability and luxurious appearance, and the trend towards natural colors and minimalist designs in cabinetry.
  • Strategic Lighting to Transform Spaces: Stresses the role of both natural and artificial lighting in creating an inviting and functional kitchen environment, essential for both cooking tasks and the overall ambiance.
  • Smart Appliance Choices for Modern Needs: Offers advice on selecting kitchen appliances that balance energy efficiency, features, and design, including built-in and panel-ready options to maintain a seamless look.


Nora Duran: Welcome to our exclusive series with Ali Yilmaz, the mastermind behind Granitech where we delve into the art and science of transforming your home. Today we are thrilled to have Ali join us as we embark on a journey to enlighten homeowners about achieving their ultimate dream spaces. Our goal is clear, to equip you with the insights and strategies For a seamless and successful home renovation, whether it’s that bespoke kitchen you have been dreaming of, um, dreaming of, or a comprehensive remodel, we are here to ensure that your visions come to life with authority and style.

So we have Ali Yilmaz here. Hi Ali, could you please introduce yourself? 

Ali Yılmaz: Hi, my name is Ali and the last name is Yilmaz and I’m with Granitech.

Nora Duran: Thank you so much. So let’s kick things off with a question. , on many homeowners minds. What’s the best approach or way to design a kitchen? 

Ali Yılmaz: Designing a kitchen involves a careful consideration of functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.

 It is essential to create a space. That is both efficient to work and visually appealing, to you and also your family, as well as your friends. And, , so basically we’re looking for an open layout and, , trendy and modern, , transition into, , somewhat transitional layout.

Nora Duran: All right. Thank you very much for this great information. Next, let’s break it down farther. Can you walk us through the five essential factors to consider when planning a kitchen design? 

Ali Yılmaz: we normally,, we factor that into our five, different areas. Uh, A being the layout, uh, choosing a layout that maximize the space and suit your cooking styles also as well as your lifestyle.

And, , the B would be a storage, um, choosing a layout that maximize, of course, the space. And the storage space, utensils, cookware, pantry items, trash bins, , where all these the planning with the storage goes. And the C would be the appliances, which is the biggest and most important part of the one of the kitchen elements.

Part of the design is selecting appliances that fit your cooking needs and as well as the how it well fits in the kitchen layout. And, for example, like having microwaves not on the countertops, having the microwaves built into the islands. or drawer style microwaves, which is now available, for the kitchen industry.

And many basic appliances now come in a built in style with the, with the appliances ready panels, which basically transform your kitchen into seamless. Appliances. , so d would be the lighting. , the lighting is in, plays a very important role in the kitchens. As we know, most of the kitchens are very dark, and so incorporating a both natural and artificial lighting to enhance the visibility and the ambiance in the kitchen is very important.

And, , the last item we have is the E, which is the materials and finishes. Uh, when we design in a kitchen, uh, we choose durable materials and finishes that complement the design and the style, and they’re easy to maintain. 

Nora Duran: That’s golden information. Thank you for sharing. You’re welcome. Now that you say it’s very important, let’s talk about layout.

In your opinion, what’s the most ideal layout for a kitchen space? 

Ali Yılmaz: The most ideal layout depends on the size and the shape of the kitchen. This is why it’s very important meeting with clients hands on to plan and suit your style, as well as the preferences and the cooking habits of the homeowner.

And, you know, the basically, , the common layouts are include the U shape, L shape, galley kitchen, Or an island layout, each offering different advantages, uh, in terms of efficiency and the functionality, uh, trend has been on the definitely on the open kitchen island layouts. , sometimes we don’t have that space in the kitchens, but we add additions to the kitchens and open those kitchens out and bring those large islands into a entertainment center because where all the friends and family hangs around the island.

Um, so the ideal layout would be the open layout. with large kitchen items.

Nora Duran: So now let’s discuss something practical. What exactly is a kitchen checklist and why is it so important in a design process? 

Ali Yılmaz: Yes, when we design in a kitchen, we want everything to come together and because kitchen is the, uh, most important part of the home and, the kitchen checklist typically would include items such as cabinets and storage solutions, uh, definitely countertops.

 Flooring and lighting fixtures, sink and faucet and backsplash. Either could be tile or natural stone and glass, which is very, uh, very much used in the modern kitchens. Hardware, which is drawer pulls, knobs. Incorporated into the including appliances, poles and, um, hardware is part of that as far as, any, any other additional hardwares.

We do have appliances, of course, as an item, uh, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, that they could be drawer styles, additional dishwasher. You could have a 20 point standard base dishwasher. You can also add a additional drawer style half. dishwasher is not available with panel ready, which could be just for your wine glasses and glasses.

And in particular, , of course, the hood ventilation is very important. Many kitchens don’t have any ventilations that are circulating. So having a large hood to incorporate into the kitchen design is very important.

Nora Duran: Fascinating. And in your opinion, what is the most important factor for a kitchen? What, what takes precedence? 

Ali Yılmaz: The most important factor for a kitchen is going to be the functionality of the kitchen. And yes, we want a pretty kitchen, but the most important thing is this is a working kitchen and , has to be functioning well.

A well designed kitchen should facilitate efficient workflow, provide ample storage and the workspace as a countertop, and, , acclimate the needs of the homeowner. And the chef, what we call each homeowner is a chef, is on their kitchen. That would be basically the main important factor would be the functionality.

Nora Duran: Incredibly useful advice. And let’s talk budgeting. It’s, it’s always the hottest topic, right? And , what’s a realistic ballpark figure someone should aim when planning a kitchen remodel? What’s a good investment? 

Ali Yılmaz: Yes, the investment for a kitchen remodel can definitely vary widely depending on the factors like such as the size of the space and quality of the materials and extent of the renovation and an average moderate kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from small kitchens to medium size between 20, 000 and 50, 000 dollars

While a high end remodel can definitely, uh, between 50-100 thousand dollars uh, on an existing space and remodel an entire kitchen, including appliances, uh, on the higher end, , extending the kitchen and making the kitchens into a larger space where you can be adding uh, between seven to 10 foot, seven foot by 25 foot addition to a kitchen.

can vary between, , 200 to 250, 000 dollars. 

Nora Duran: Wow. All right. And let’s talk about organization strategies. What is your go to approach for keeping kitchen projects running smoothly?

Ali Yılmaz: As far as the organizing the kitchen projects, we recommend incorporating a mix of storage solutions, including cabinets, drawers and pantry and organizers.

 Definitely maximizing the space and keeping the kitchen organized and clutter free

Nora Duran: and cabinets are a big part of any kitchen, right? Can you break down the different construction types for our listeners? 

Ali Yılmaz: Yes. Uh, there is a three basic, , base of our cabinet constructions are, uh, one being is the frame cabinets. , these have a face frame that provides structural support and allows for the hinges to be mounted.

And they’re normally inch and a half wide for standard cabinetry. And , the second most widely used, especially what we call it the European style cabinets. And they’re the famous cabinets as known as the, of course, the European style cabinets. Uh, they do not have a face frame and offering more storage space and slicker appearance.

Because you don’t have a face frame and your drawers are wider. Your cabinet space is wider. and which looks more sleek and then a cleaner look. 

Nora Duran: So talking about these cabinets, um, choosing them can be very overwhelming. What factors should homeowners consider when deciding between framed and frameless options?

Ali Yılmaz: Better frame or frameless cabinets are better, uh, depends on the personal preference and specific needs. Frame cabinets offer a traditional aesthetics and structural support. And while frameless cabinets provide more storage space and more of a modern look. So either you are, uh, leaning more towards the, uh, traditional look, uh, or versus modern, that’s going to determine, uh, which direction you will go with more traditional towards the frame cabinets, more European modern towards frameless cabinets. 

Nora Duran: Alright. And what color of kitchen cabinets are in style?

Ali Yılmaz: The current trend is in the kitchen cabinets that lean more towards the clean lines. Minimalist design, natural materials, natural colors such as like whites, grays. Wood tones are popular choices of the cabinet finishes right now.

Nora Duran: And let’s talk more about style. What’s trending right now when it comes to the cabinets and countertops together? 

Ali Yılmaz: , the white kitchen cabinets remain the timeless and stylish choice currently. We have over the last 10 years transition into the lighter kitchens, offering bright and airy feel to the space.

However, dark tones such as navy blues and charcoal grays are also gaining popularity for adding depth and contrast, especially adding a two tone kitchens, having main kitchen area in the lighter tones and colors. and but having a nice beautiful blue or navy blue or green dark green cabinets Or wood tones on the items 

Nora Duran: and now let’s talk luxury So what countertop options are for a high end look in kitchen design 

Ali Yılmaz: The quartzite and the quartz are most popular countertop choices Due to their durability, um, luxurious appearance and a variety of colors and patterns that their availability is in number of choices. And especially in quartz, we do have, uh, hundreds of choices and versus natural, uh, quartzite, and which is a more of a marble natural vein look, which is far away from the granite look, which is more preferred right now in the high end kitchens.

And they are mostly available in white colors. 

Nora Duran: And what do you think the most luxurious type of countertop is?

Ali Yılmaz: Apparently the quartzite is the most often considered for most luxurious type of kitchens. Uh, those are the exotic quartzite lines and they come in various colors and beautiful natural veining that is unmatchable with man made products.

Nora Duran: Alright, and let’s brighten things up. How can strategic, uh, lighting choices elevate the overall design and functionality of a kitchen? 

Ali Yılmaz: One of the biggest, problems in , the older kitchens we have is the lighting always. And as you know, when you’re cooking, we need the most lighting. and in the kitchen.

So lighting plays a crucial role in the kitchen design and functionality. , adequate, , text lighting is essential for food preparation areas. While ambient lighting sets the mode and the highlights in the architectural features of the kitchen, natural lights should be also maximized where possible to create a, a bright and inviting space, especially a larger kitchen windows and, or picture windows and bay windows.

And those windows could bring a lot of natural lighting into the kitchen space.

Nora Duran: And, um, let’s talk about appliances. What are the key considerations while selecting kitchen appliances? 

Ali Yılmaz: The key considerations for selecting kitchen appliances include energy efficiency. Because kitchen is the most used, widely used area. We cook breakfast, we cook lunch, we cook dinner, and then yes, we go back for snacks.

Um, so features and functionality and, , design is the, one of the most important part of the element. It is important to choose appliances also that meet your cooking needs, while, uh, complementing the overall design of the kitchen. And especially, if you are, , a heavy cooker and you like to cook all your meals in home all the time, uh, efficiency come, would come with the gas appliances versus electric.

And, if you want, uh, additional appliances, uh, we don’t want them to be, , conquer the kitchen with too many appliances. You could use panel ready appliances that incorporate the cabinet look versus the appliances look. And as well as the drawer style appliances are very popular You could add an additional dishwasher as a drawer

you could also add your Microwaves, as a drover style and make them go away and open more countertop space Um as well as on your countertop area 

Nora Duran: perfect and let’s call it a day Thanks for sharing your expertise with us Today, Ali, and we hope to see you in our next episode. 

Ali Yılmaz: Thank you.